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Our goal is to provide stylish, functional website designs that have visual flare but are still easy to use. We design with XHTML, CSS, and Flash which means you get a fast loading modern website that is widely supported in different browsers. We have been designing web sites for many years now, and we know how a well designed and well thought-out website should look and work! You can be sure that any project we take on will more than meet your needs and expectations. Although KMGrafix specializes in website design, we are capable of creating websites that use a range of different technologies. Let us know what your requirements are and we'll get it done.


During the last several years, our main job has been creating websites for businesses. Website design is only limited by your own imagination. However, function is paramount in any design. What is the point of a fantastic looking website if your web visitor's can't find what they are looking for? With each site that we develop, a lot of thought goes into how it is organized and laid out. Anyone that visits a website designed by KMGrafix, will NOT get lost in it.


A website is your chance to outshine the competition and put your business in the best light. A website can be the first experience your potential custumer has with your business, and it is a good idea to provide the best web experience possible. Everyone's computer is unique, and different computers can have trouble properly displaying websites that do not follow "best practices". We always follow the best practices for web development. Since the web is a constantly evolving medium, many of these best practices are a "moving target". You need someone with expertise that is watching and learning these new trends and adapting to new requirements. That is why KMGrafix keeps abreast of the industry changes and maintains the best practices for publishing and creating easily accessible online content.

In order to make sure you're happy with the final product, this is how we design a new site:

  1. Talk with you to find out what your needs are. Helping determine what kind of website is right for you.
  2. Get a list of URLs of websites you like. This way we can be sure your site will be on a par with these examples.
  3. Design an initial mockup in Photoshop so that we can get your feedback early in the design process.
  4. Modify the mockup according to your comments & suggestions.
  5. Code the site's interface and put in skeleton content so you can see the website in action.
  6. Modify the interface if you have any concerns or change requests.
  7. Finalize the website's design.
  8. Launch your website on a reliable and consistent web hosting plan.
  9. Maintaining your site, updating site content and pictures.
  10. Create Online Advertising Campaigns, HTML Emails, and provide valuable SEO.

Estimating a project in design is a fluid process. Each project is unique and so there is no fixed rule for how much a new web site will ultimately cost. We will endeavor to make the most of the allowable budget and deliver the most "bang for the buck" for your project.


Please contact us for current pricing information or to request a quote.

You can always reach us during the business hours of: 9am to 6pm, Monday-Friday at Tel. 561-214-1222